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I really enjoyed this episode of the Curl Power Podcast and I hope you will too. Annika Spalding is an award-winning author from the West Midlands. She launched her most recent book She Who Writes, a memoir, in July 2020. She published her first book in 2013 followed by several other books.

She has featured frequently on BBC WM radio on the Nikki Tapper Show, and also on Graham Torrington’s evening show, she discusses her personal journey. A qualified and experienced writer Annika attended university as a mature student and a single mother to two children, studying Creative and Professional Writing. She graduated in 2018 with a 2:1, despite struggling with anxiety and depression which led to medication and counselling to manage it. Annika is also a member of the

Writing West Midlands Room 204 Writers Development Programme, aimed at supporting the career development of emerging writers. She is also a Contributor for Soul and Joy, a brand-new platform celebrating the vitality of black people in Britain. An award-winning woman, a few years ago, Annika won the BEX Live Author of Colour Award, followed by a LIFT Effects Inspirational Woman Award by Sandra Nelson. Annika is an ambassador for Free Your Mind CIC, a charity that supports children and young people affected by domestic violence. In previous roles, she has been a support worker and children’s worker in women’s refuges, on helplines and in the community. In most recent years, she has worked as a Communications Officer for charities, supporting with branding, social media content and management, liaising with media, design of literature, event planning, communications strategies, planning campaigns and fundraising.

We discussed:

The creative process Refining your message Establishing boundaries as an empath Raising daughters The benefits of journaling

Hair Talk 4 Mins Fave Products Lotta Body

04:20 Representation – I wasn’t surrounded by anyone that looked like me.

05:00 Noticing you’re different at school

7:00 Growing up 10:46 Journey to becoming a writer

19:30 Authenticity vs Oversharing

26:02 Establishing Boundaries as an Empath 29:04 Creative Mentoring

32:27 Most Common Reasons People are not reaching their potential

35:09 Daily Habits and Rituals

39:55 Raising Daughters in a Social Media World

42:23 Impactful Books

47:11 Where to connect

47:58 Parting words

She Who Writes – Annika Spalding


Lotta Body

Books My Best Friend’s Girl Dorothy Koomson –

Light Is the New Black: A Guide To Answering Your Soul’S Callings And Working Your Light –

Homegoing Yaa Gyaci –

Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling

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