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Your favourite curly girl’s new favourite sweatshirt.

It’s December, it’s cold and we all know once you put a woolly hat on (satin lined or not) we are going to be dealing with flat sad hair until our next wash day brings back the bounce, so fear not curlfriend, I created this beautiful luxe Curls sweatshirt to keep you warm this winter (and beyond because this jumper is for life not just for Christmas!).

This is more than just another sweatshirt, it’s about us celebrating our identity. For years of our lives, society made us feel as though we needed to be something different, something other than who we are.

This brand is dedicated to the little me, the little us. To the kids that didn’t always fit in, the kids that didn’t feel beautiful in their own skin and the kids that wanted nothing more than to have a sense of authentic belonging. You belong here.

The day we put down the straighteners and relaxers we started to clear away the haze of the beauty standards thrust upon us. We pave our own way, we will no longer straighten out our curls and kinks or hide our divine individuality.

I went through a time where I felt small, I made myself small to fit in, I downplayed my brilliance and individuality because other people were uncomfortable with who I was. Years of dreaming big but playing small, so much potential untapped, until now.

This sweatshirt tells my story, perhaps it tells yours too?

It’s time to be seen, it’s time to discover what’s possible.

Who run the world? Curls!

Big Love,

Zoe & the Curl Squad