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The Power of Alignment in Empowering a Community with Renée Davis

In this episode of the Curl Squad’s Curl Power Podcast I speak to Writer, Journalist and Founder of Out The Box Renée Davis

  • Cutting off her friend’s hair with IKEA scissors
  • People and their opinions on her natural hair journey
  • Learning to feel attractive
  • The impact of the video vixen
  • Creating Out the Box
  • Collaborations with brands to empower the black community
  • Divine alignment

02:07 Quick Fire Curl Talk

05:14 Natural hair journey to self-love – “Everything I saw, everyone on TV and everyone I knew growing up, the adults, everyone’s hair was relaxed”.

27:08 The road to journalism – “No complaining in this time and season”.

44:30 Alignment in empowering a community – “Those are the moments where I feel like no one is helping, no one sees, no one supports I don’t know where to go and people would be just coming across my path all the time, God was just lining up people to help me…”

56:36 Book recommendations, plugs and Renee’s final word of wisdom


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Renee Davis

Out The Box


Out The Box

Renee Davis

Out The Box

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Tangle Teezer

Scrunchie –

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Jamaican black castor oil –

Shea Moisture Deep conditioner –

Activilong –

African Pride Coconut line –

Cantu –

Mielle –


Quaker Street Coffee –


The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy –

All about love – Bell Hooks –



The Curl Squad represents all things community, conversation, confidence and curls. We discuss growing up curly, overcoming obstacles, traumas and triumphs as well as sharing a natural hair care essential or two.

I’ll be introducing you to some incredibly inspiring curly creators and innovators as we discuss the natural hair community, representation, doing meaningful work and building bigger tables. Please do subscribe and rate and review to help us amplify our important voices. Curly Girls, join us in the ongoing conversation:



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