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Difficult Pregnancy and Traumatic Birth

My experience of growing a 9lb 7 baby after 5 years of infertility, two failed rounds of IVF.  The convo gets a little heavy, pregnancy and labour it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  We owe it to women to hear their real experiences but if you’re pregnant right now and anxious perhaps skip the episode.  

We talk discuss:

  • The wait for the first midwife appointment
  • Morning sickness is a lie
  • Boy or Girl
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Sickle Cell Testing
  • Death in childbirth
  • Black Maternal Mortality Rates
  • Sepsis in labour
  • Emergency C Section
  • Haemorrhage 



Black and Asian Therapist Network

Is childbirth more dangerous for Black women in the UK?

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About The Curl Squad

Join us as we explore a therapeutic journey through life, womanhood and its challenges, entrepreneurship, spirituality and personal transformation.

The Curl Squad is a community of underrepresented women on a journey to self-acceptance, pursuing passion and discovering their purpose.

We speak from the heart and like to dig deep.

Falling in love with our natural hair was the starting point of our journeys to deepen our understanding of ourselves and what’s possible.

We discuss growing up curly, overcoming obstacles, traumas and triumphs as well as sharing a natural hair care essential or two.

I’ll be introducing you to some incredibly inspiring curly creators and innovators as we discuss the natural hair community, representation, healing, living with purpose and building bigger tables.

It’s the curls that connect us, but our experience is rich, deep and diverse. Most of us can identify with overcoming some form of challenge and these perspectives are underrepresented, powerful and incredibly important.

Hosted by Zoe Fox



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