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Hey, thanks for coming to check out this episode of the Curl Power Podcast. I’m speaking to Jamelia Donaldson, the founder of Europe’s first and largest product discovery service for women and girls with kinky curly hair. She is also the co-Founder of the Teen Experience, the workshop series for Black and Mixed Race teen girls.

She is busy creating the things she wants to exist and I am here for it.

This episode is scattered with little gems of advice for anyone else on their entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode Jamelia discusses:

  • Her Hair Journey
  • The importance of representation in beauty and business
  • What it would like if part of the black experience was enjoying hair from a young age.
  • Setting up a business as a young black woman
  • How mentors and advisors can help you on your road to success
  • Adding value and getting noticed.
  • Proof of concept, what it’s like when your business idea is validated.
  • Building a team and starting a community

05:00 This or That | Natural Hair edition

07:07 Hairstrory “Why is it that every other ethnicity wears their hair in its natural state”

17:40 The Importance of Representation

21:12 The Realities of Setting up a Business as a Young Black Woman and the Power of Mentors and Advisers

31:33 What it’s Like to Have Your Ideas Validated, Building a Community and the benefits of a mailing list.

37:00 Building a Team and Tips for Hiring

42:45 The Teen Experience: Creating Safe Spaces for Black and Mixed Race Girls to learn and grow

47:40 She’s Obsessed the Podcast, Elevating the Voices of Black Founders

51:20 Balance and routine

55:25 Book Talk



The Teen Experience

Products Accessories
Satin hairband OSO Curls –

She’s Obsessed

Conversations with God –

Outwitting the devil – Napoleon Hill –

Profit First –

One Thing –

*Books are affiliate links FYI

The Curl Squad represents all things community, conversation, confidence and curls. We discuss growing up curly, overcoming obstacles, traumas and triumphs as well as sharing a natural hair care essential or two.

I’ll be introducing you to some incredibly inspiring curly creators and innovators as we discuss the natural hair community, representation, doing meaningful work and building bigger tables. Please do subscribe and rate and review to help us amplify our important voices. Curly Girls, join us in the ongoing conversation:



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